This filter is for UK broadband lines fitting in a standard BT plug socket and splitting the signal into Voice and Data providing a BT socket for a phone and an RJ11 socket for a ADSL modem. This item has been SIN 346 certified by BT.

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For POTS voice band service the M-ADSL-Filter provides protection from ADSL signals which may impact through non-line or other remote devices (handset fax voice band modem etc) and central office operations. For ADSL signals it also provides protection from the high frequency transient and impedance effect that occur during POTS operations (ringing transients on-hook off-hook transient and so on). Because the POTS splitter in the M-ADSL-Filter connects directly to the subscriber loop media it also provides some protection for externally induced line hits or faults which could damage any attached equipment or endanger people interacting with the installed equipment. The circuit protection will be provided mostly by standard central office line protection means and additional protection measures built into the POTS splitter to protect against line overstress which could damage the splitter itself.

All requirements for this specification can be met in the presence of all POTS loop currents from 0 mA to 100 mA. This Single In-Line filter can pass POTS tip-to-ring DC voltages of 0 V to 105 V and ringing signals of 40 Vrms to 150 Vrms at any frequencies from 15.3 Hz to 68 Hz superimposed on DC voltages in the range from 0 V to 105 V. The DC resistance from tip-to-ring at the line port interface with the phone interface shorted shall be less than or equal to 50 ohms for one filter. The DC resistance from tip-to-ground and from ring-to-ground at the Phone interface with the Line interface open shall be greater than or equal to 10 Megohms. The ground point shall be local building or green wire ground. As an objective the DC resistance should exceed 10 MW.

A quality ADSL Broadband filter at a great price. Fully BT Labs tested - BT certified.
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