Slimline USB 3.1 Type C Male Plug to HDMI TV Socket Cable Adapter
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USB3.1 brings many improvements to the previous standard USB3.0. The most noticeable is the new Type-C connector which is much smaller than the previous standard connectors it is also reversible.

Another feature is called inchAlternative Mode inch. This allows the USB to carry different types of signal including DisplayPort. Our video adapters will use this mode and convert the DP signal into the one you need.

The PTC-008815 is compatible with Mobile phone C type connections and laptop C type connections. Please ensure your mobile is compatible with C type to HDMI adapters as some model phones are not.

Supports USB-C input and HDMI output Supports DisplayPort 1.2 Altmode Supports per lane data rates of 2.7Gbps (HBR) and 1.62Gbps (RBR) Supports content protection of HDCP Supports HDMI resolution max up to 1440P @ 72hz USB bus power (no external power supply) 15cm lead Compatible with the Samsung S8

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