An antibacterial coasting has been added to this keyboard containing a material known as Triclosan which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria by using an electro-chemical mode of action to penetrate & disrupt their cell walls. When the cell walls are penetrated leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled thereby preventing the micro-organism from functioning or reproducing. Triclosan is widely used in a variety of application. It is the ideal product to guarantee hygienic properties for many finished goods like: cosmetics toothpastes shoe insoles mats hospital supplies and others. It s considered safe for humans and their environment. Chemical Name: 244 -trichloro-2 -hydroxy-diphenyl-ether
CAS Number : 3380-34-5 Features High quality stylish keyboard Fully waterproof: Circuit board & membrane are completely sealed allowing keyboard to be fully submersed & washed USB-PS/2 combi keyboard Laser printed key caps will never fade Ergonomically designed for comfortable use Noise free structure provides a quiet typing environment Durable keys 10 Million keystroke life Plug & play set-up Compatible with Windows: XP/2000/2003/ME/98/Vista/Win7
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