Get the most from your network by using the latest in networking cables! Our range of Cat8 cables run much faster previous network cables such as Cat 5e Cat6 Cat6a and Cat 7 but are backwardly compatible.

Fluke Tested for Guaranteed Performance
Premium Quality Full Copper Design
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket (LSZH)
Max Speed: 40Gbps/200Mhz
Foil Shielded Pairs
Outer Braid Shield
REACH and RoHS Compliant
Supplied with Protective Plug Covers and Cable Tie

A fluke test checks for cable performance. When the cable is tested it must meet performance standards. A fluke test checks for signal loss over distance this includes things such as resistance (Ohms) insertion loss margin (dB) Frequency (Mhz).

Perfect for the latest gaming consoles such as Xbox Series X or the PS5 as well as PC gaming or any other connection that requires a fast Ethernet connection.

So what is the difference between Cat 5e Cat 6 Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables? There are two main factors to look at when comparing network cables. The first is the speed (bandwidth) and the other the frequency (MHz).

The Speed determines how much data (bandwidth) can be sent through the cable. Cat 8 cables have a maximum speed/bandwidth of 25 000 to 40 000 Mbit/s (25-40Gig) but Cat 7 carries a lower 10 000Mbit/s. Cat 6 is 1000Mbits and Cat5e up to 1000Mbits.

The Frequency or MHz indicates how often the signal can pass through the cable. Cat 8 cables have a very high frequency at a huge 2000Mhz. Cat 7 600Mhz. Cat6a 500Mhz. Cat6 250Mhz and cat 5 cables 100Mhz. Overall a Cat 8 cable will allow more bandwidth at a faster rate than the previous networking cables.

Cat5e Has a speed to 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gig) 100mhz
Cat6 Has a speed to 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gig) 250mhz
Cat6a Has a speed to 10000 Mbit/s (10 Gig) 500mhz
Cat7 Has a speed to 10000 Mbit/s (10 Gig) 600mhz
Cat 8 Has a speed to 25000 - 40000 Mbit/s (25-40 Gig) 2000mhz

FULL COPPER Shielded Cable
Our range of Cat8.1 Cables are shielded to eliminate the chance of cross talk and interference from near by devices this will also improve performance over distance.
This range of cables have shielded pairs plus outer braid shield!

The SFTP (Shielded Foil Twisted Pairs) are made from full copper strands delivering super fast speeds to your gaming console TV PC Laptop Mac amongst other devices. Full copper cables are suitable for POE devices such as Access points WIFI Range extenders CCTV Cameras or networking switches that need to carry power via the Ethernet cable to a POE port.

Supplied with Protective covers and Velcro cable tie
Shielded with Gold plated Contacts resist corrosion provides durability and ensures a secure
Snag-less end prevents damage
6.72mm OD cable
up to 25000 - 40000 Mbit/s and 2000Mhz Transfer Speeds
Backwardly compatible with Cat7/Cat6a/Cat6/Cat5e/Cat5e Ports
Available in a range of lengths
Suitable for POE (Full Copper Cable)

We would always recommend to test your cables before installing.
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RoHS Compliant
Suitable for CCTV
Suitable for POE
Suitable for VOIP Phones
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