Introducing our Direct Burial External CAT6A Outdoor Copper Ethernet Network Cable Reel the ultimate solution for reliable outdoor networking. Engineered for durability and performance this cable is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments while delivering high-speed connectivity.

With a length of 100 meters this cable reel provides ample coverage for outdoor networking projects whether for residential or commercial use. The CAT6A specification ensures optimal performance supporting data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps over long distances.

Constructed with high-quality copper conductors this cable offers superior conductivity and signal integrity ensuring stable and reliable network connections. The cable is also gel-filled to provide extra protection against moisture and environmental factors making it suitable for direct burial applications.

Ideal for outdoor installations such as landscaping surveillance systems and outdoor Wi-Fi networks this cable reel is your go-to solution for robust and dependable outdoor networking. Upgrade your outdoor network infrastructure with our Direct Burial External CAT6A Outdoor Copper Ethernet Network Cable Reel and enjoy seamless connectivity even in challenging outdoor environments.


  • Product Structure:
  • Conductor 0.56+/-0.015mmAWG)
  • 100Base-TX Insulation PE
  • 1000Base-T Insulation DiameterØ 1.32+/-0.1mm
  • 1000Base-TX Insulation Colour Blue/White-Blue Orange/White-Orange
  • 155Mbps ATM Green/White-Green Brown/White-Brown
  • 622Mbps ATM AL-Mylar 100% Coverage
  • 10 Gb Ethernet Drain Wire 0.4+/-0.01TC
  • Braid AL-Mg braid Density>40%
  • Filler Gel filled
  • Rip cord - Yes
  • Inner sheath - PVC
  • Inner sheath Diameter - Ø 7.8+/-0.3mm
  • Inner sheath Thickness - 0.55+/-0.1mm
  • Inner sheath Colour - WH RAL9003
  • Outer sheath - PE
  • Outer sheath Diameter - Ø 8.9+/-0.3mm
  • Outer sheath Thickness - 0.55+/-0.1mm
  • Outer sheath Colour - BK
  • Cable Printing According Customer Requirement


  • Electrical properties @ 20℃:
  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D Working capacity <5.6nF/100m(@1kHz)
  • Capacitive unbalance to earth - pF/100m
  • Delay skew - <45ns/100m
  • conductor resistance - <93.8Ω/km
  • Electric balance of the conductor - <5%(@20℃)
  • insulation resistance - >5000MΩ.km
  • Impedance - 100+/-25Ω
  • Fluke Tested


  • Mechanical properties:
  • 305m/Box Operating temperature 20~75℃
  • Minimum bending radius - 8×Cable OD
  • Inner sheath Elongation at break - >100%
  • Inner sheath Tensile strength - >13.8Mpa
  • Inner sheath Aging conditions - 100h
  • Inner sheath Elongation at break After Aging - >50% Before Aging
  • Inner sheath Tensile Strength After Aging - >85% Before Aging
  • Inner sheath Flame propagation specification - CPR Eca
  • Outer sheath Elongation at break - >350%
  • Outer sheath Tensile strength - >9Mpa
  • Outer sheath Aging conditions - 100℃ 48h
  • Outer sheath Elongation at break After Aging - >75% Before Aging
  • Outer sheath Tensile Strength After Aging - >75% Before Aging
  • Low temperature winding experiment : -20℃ 4h No visible cracks
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