Low Smoke Zero Halogen network cables are cables that emit very limited smoke and zero halogen when exposed to high sources of heat and are part of building regulations especially when installing cables in schools and other government buildings.

Supplied in a feeder box the Low smoke cable Is meter marked and perfect for sending internet signals in offices or installing a network at home.

This cable is designed for high-speed data transmission of up to 1000Mbps (GIGABIT) speeds. As this cable is made from FULL COPPER it s also suitable for POE / CCTV equipment.

Passes Cat6 fluke test 100m at 250MHz
Low smoke zero halogen sheath material compliant to RoHS minimises the risk of thick black smoke and poisonous fumes in the event of a fire
Complies to TIA/EIA-568 Cat6 standard
HDBaseT Compliant
Conductor Solid OFC
Strands 8 x 1/0.54mm

Conductor Solid OFC
Strands 8 x 1/0.54mm 2per cent
Conductor CSA 8 x 0.229mm2
Cable : diameter 5.8mm
Insulation HDPE 0.195mm thickness
Sheath LSHF 0.55mm thickness
Capacitance 5.2nF/100m
DC resistance at 20C - 9.5 ohms/100m
Impedance (1 to 250MHz) 100 15 ohms
Return loss > 17.3dB at100m

Attenuation <32.8dB at 100m
NEXT > 38.3dB
PSNEXT > 36.3dB
ELFEXT > 19.8dB
Phase delay <570ns
Cable colour Lilac
Length 305m
Weight 12.7kg

We always suggest terminating SOLID cable into faceplates or patch panels. See QS numbers below:

Cat 5e Single: QS: 001074
Cat 5e Double: QS:001075
Cat 5e Quad: QS: 001277

Cat 6 Single: QS: 001334
Cat 6 Double: QS: 001335
Cat 6 Quad: QS: 001409
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Data sheet

Country of Origin
RoHS Compliant
Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Suitable for CCTV
Suitable for POE
Suitable for VOIP Phones
Ethernet Version

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