Premium External CAT6 Outdoor COPPER Ethernet Network Cable Reel with Gel 100m
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Premium Cable
Double sheaf - UPVC inner and PE outer
Gel Filled - stops any water travelling down the cable
Fluke tested to 90m
REACH Compliant
Full 23AWG Copper cable

Premium grade External/Outdoor duct grade Cat 6 Network Cable. Suitable for burying underground weatherproof and UV resistant! This cable is made from Thick 23AWG Copper has a double sheath and is gel/Jelly filled.

This cable is fluke tested upto 90m. Fluke tested cables are tested for power or signal loss over distance.

The Petroleum gel/jelly inside the cable prevents ingress of moisture and water inside the core in the event of any damages to the cable.

Double Sheath cable! This cable has an inner sheath and outer sheath. The inner sheath is used for protecting the cable from moistures which would affect the insulation. The outer sheath is UV resistant and weather-proof so the cable will not erode or split overtime. The PE jacket not only protects the cable from moisture but also adds to the physical strength of the cable.

Our premium Cat6 UTP outdoor cable is designed with FULL COPPER 23AWG twisted pairs. It also has a divider to separate the twisted pairs this reduces cross talk and can help improve signal over distance.

Suitable for burying underground. Ideal for clipping to masts running up the sides of buildings across roofs or for installations in schools industrial yards and CCTV networks.

Suitable for use with POE devices such as CCTV cameras or Voip IP Phone systems.

RoHS Compliant
CAT 6 Solid COPPER Roll of Ethernet Cable BLACK
4 x pairs (8 wire)
Cable Make-up: 4x2x0.56mm Copper
Manufactured according to ISO / IEC 11801-2 ISO / IEC 64156-5 EIA / TIA 568B EN 50173
Filler Yes
Ripcord Yes
Sheath PVC+PE
Color Gray+Black
Bending radius > 8 x Diameter (mm) Installation
Storage temperature -15oC+70oC

This cable requires 6mm cable clips See QS: 004500

We recommend to use faceplates with full copper cables as oppose to crimping them for our plates see the QS numbers below:

Cat 6 Single: QS: 001334 Cat 6 Double: QS: 001335 Cat 6 Quad: QS: 001409
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Data sheet

Country of Origin
RoHS Compliant
Suitable for CCTV
Suitable for POE
Suitable for VOIP Phones
Ethernet Version

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