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List of products by brand encam

encam brings you the newest technology for CCTV at some of the cheapest prices ever seen in CCTV.

High performance for the best value!

Technology in CCTV has changed in the past few years.  Gone is the low resolutions, grainy images.  Gone are the hard to setup DVRs and apps.  Gone is the expensive pricing.

encam uses the latest technology, to bring you the best picture, easiest to setup and all at the best prices. 

AHD allows you to have High Definition pictures while still using your existing BNC cables.  Therefore, without rewiring you can easily replace your DVR with a new XVR (allows AHD and IP cameras), upgrade your cameras and get the HD picture you need.

IP offers easier installation for new installs, with the single ethernet cable carrying power (POE) and picture.  Simple to setup and configure.  The NVRs come in 2 main types: Built in POE or no POE.  If you have a built in POE, each camera can plug directly into the NVR.  No POE, then you just need a POE switch.  The cameras plug into the POE switch and the switch into the NVR.  If your cameras are close to the NVR, the built in POE maybe best.  If not, have a POE switch closer to the the cameras and just 1 cable running to your NVR.