Call Centre Telephone Handset/Headset Training Adapter Mute/Volume/Record
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The Headset Mate makes side by side training easy to achieve. Simply connect to your telephone and the adapetr creates two handset/headset RJ10 connections that you can adjust the volume with or mute with the touch of a button.
The S33 Training adapter has two mute buttons a volume control as well as a record output 3.5mm that would allow you to connect to a recording devices (3.5mm cable provided)

There are two separate mute buttons which allow either the trainer or the advisor to easily join or leave the conversation.
Listen in only or train/take over call
Compact for storage when not in use
Provides convenient locking mute button

RJ10 plug to twin RJ10 4P4C sockets for use with headsets with RJ10 4P4C plug.

Compact and stylish unit
Accommodates all major telephone headsets
Designed to be used as a training adaptor
Supplied with double jack and mute switch
Allows for supervisor training and call pick up
Easy to use
A must have for busy call centres
4P4C and RJ10 are also known as RJ9 and RJ22.
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