Need to extend your HDMI cable by upto 80m? This converter allows you to send HDMI signals via a full copper Ethernet cable. The UHD extender is capable of sending a 4k 2k signal at 30fps up to 50 meters or you can send a 1080p signal for upto 80 meters. Its important to use a good quality COPPER ethernet cable as the cheaper version CCA (Copper coated Aluminum) will not work.

The cascade connection on this extender allows you to connect a HDMI output from the transmitter to allow you to connect a local TV/Monitor. The trasnmitter also has an input connection for your RJ45 connection allowing you to daisy chain units.

We would recommend to use a Cat 6 cable for the best results as Cat 6 cables are made from higher grade copper than cat 5 or cat5e.

Supplied as both a Transmitter and Receiver simply connect your existing short length HDMI cables one to the Transmitter and the other to the Receiver and use a quality Cat5e or Cat6 cable for the main distance. Cat5e or Cat6 cable is less bulky than HDMI cable so its easier to run easier to hide behind walls and of course far cheaper too.

4K 2k or 1080p resolutions as well as 3D is of course assured as well as 36- bit deep colour support and of course the latest HDMI specifications. Integrated IR remote control comes as standard allowing remote device control from your existing IR controls for the likes of TVs Home Theatres or Kiosk systems.

Run HDMI signalling over standard Cat5e/Cat6 cables DC5V/1AMP PSU Supplied with HDMI-IN/HDMI-OUT Supports up to 4K UHD 2K 1080p and legacy displays Extend your HDMI cabling up to around 50 metres* Supports HDMI 1.4b signalling with HD audio on HDMI 36-Bit deep colour with embedded 3D support Integral IR remote control relay support Dimensions: 94mm x 83mm x 23mm (LxWxH) approx Ideal for Education Commerce Theatres and Home Theaters

Why not power from USB on your TV and hide the receiver unit behind your TV? See QS: 07629

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