Armoured AOC (Active Optical Cable)
Super slim armoured HDMI Active Hybrid Cable with only 3.8 mm OD and short HDMI plug the most slim Armoured HDMI interconnection solution on the market. It supports HDMI Data Rates of 6Gbps per channel a total of 18Gbps. Strong construction flexible and ultra-small housing. Long-term bending radius (38 mm) hybrid cable. With our advanced optical engine embedded The HDMI Hybrid Cable provides full HDMI signal integrity available in a range of lengths with plug and play design. No external power is required.

TPU Sheath with Steel armour
The TPU sheath provides a much higher abrasion resistance than PVC and prevents scuffing or scratching. The TPU sheath is waterproof and resistant to oil or grease. This range of AOC cables have a steel armour inside that helps protect the cable from damage.

Our AOC (Active Optical Cable WITH POWER! ) HDMI cables allow you to run a very thin (cable diameter approx 3.8 mm) over extremely long distances (up to 100 m) Our range of AOC cables also carry power so no additional adapters are required! The AOC cables run the latest in HDMI technology 4K 18gbps HDR (High dynamic Range 2160P resolutions) at 60HZ with no signal loss.

Not all 4K HDMI cables support the true 18gbps 60 frames 4K resolutions and if they do you re limited to how long you can run the cable. If you re looking for a solution to run the latest in HDMI technology over long distances or bury your cable in the wall then this is the cable for you. The slimline cable design allows for more flexible cable runs compared to ACTIVE COPPER HDMI cables and the fibre optic cable carries the signal faster at longer distances. These cables are also backwardly compatible with previous versions of HDMI.

So what are the advantages of running a fibre optical cable over a copper cable? Fibre cables are much stronger than copper cables much thinner and more flexible. Fibre cables handle weather conditions better than a copper cable ensuring you don t have data stall issues which can cause problems when sending signals over long distances. Overall a fibre cable is more reliable than a copper cable especially over long distances.

Extends HDMI over long distance with no additional power required
Ultra slim design (HDMI Housing approx 30mm when connected)
Supports resolutions up to 4k (2160p) at 60Hz
Compliant with HDMI v2.0 / 1.4
Supports 4k HDR format
Supports HDCP 2.2 EDID CEC DDC
Plug & Play no driver required
Highly resistant to EMI and RFI
Data Rate: 18 Gbps
Low power consumption no external power supply needed
Power Supply Voltage: Min 4.75v / typical: 5.0v / Max 5.25v
Operating Temp: Min: -40oC / Max: 80oC
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RoHS Compliant
HDMI Version
HDMI v2.0

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