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Networking may seem like a daunting task but careful planning and a little knowledge it can be easy to install.
We sell a wide range of networking cables from reels with bare ends to pre-made cables already assembled with RJ45 connectors.

Stranded & Solid Core Cable Reels
Network cables have 8 cores inside. These can be Solid cores or stranded cores. A pre made cable is made from stranded and network reels can be either stranded or solid core.

Solid Core: One piece of copper inside each core. A punch down connection should be used to terminate this style of cable such as faceplates, keystones, patch panels. These cables should not be crimped as you're not guaranteed a good contact this is due to the teeth in the connector bending or breaking which can reduce bandwidth and provide poor internet speeds. Most of our reels are solid core and if you do need to use RJ45 connectors we sell a punch style end to RJ45 connector like the below.

Punch-down RJ45 Connectors

Stranded Cables: Each core has multiple strands of copper inside (much like a speaker cable). These cables are designed to be crimped and can not be used with punch style terminations (faceplates, patch panels etc). When crimping the teeth in the RJ45 connector glide between strands and a full contact is made.  

Copper Reels & Copper Coated Reels:
It is important you select the right cable for the job. You should be aware that some manufacturers produce cables made from copper coated cores. These are cheaper than copper cables to manufacturer. These cables are only suitable for data connections such as connecting a router to a smart TV/PC/Laptop and should be avoided if you're using with Power Over Ethernet (POE) devices or long runs of cable.

We would always recommend using a full copper cable for a permanent install as these cables, although a little more expensive, will perform better.  All of our networking cables will be listed with either CCA or COPPER in the title so you always know what you're buying.

So what's the difference in Categories with network cables?
The main difference is the speed and bandwidth. The difference between the two is simple;
Speed: This determines how fast data can be uploaded or downloaded from your device.
Bandwidth: This determines how much data can be uploaded or downloaded from your device.

Cat5e Has a speed to 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gig) 100mhz
Cat6 Has a speed to 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gig) 250mhz
Cat6a Has a speed to 10000 Mbit/s (10 Gig) 500mhz
Cat7 Has a speed to 10000 Mbit/s (10 Gig) 600mhz
Cat 8 Has a speed to 25000 - 40000 Mbit/s (25-40 Gig) 2000mhz

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