encam Motorised Auto Focus CCTV AHD Sony Starvis 5MP/4K Lite 2.7-13.5mm 5x Optical Zoom Dome Camera White

Up to 4K Lite (8mp) Resolutions!
Motorised Varifocal Lens with Auto Focus
STARVIS Sensor (IMX335)
Smart IR Sensors
Defog Mode
Up the Coax (UTC)
3rd Party System Support

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Up to 4K Lite (8mp) Resolutions!
This camera supports 5mp image resolutions at 20fps. It also supports up to 4K (8mp) images at 15fps (8mp Lite). These images provide a much clearer, sharper image than the previous Full HD 1080P (2mp) cameras with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1920 being recorded. The internet is a sea of information with regards to the difference between 8mp, 5mp or 2mp cameras but it’s simple. The more megapixels (MP) the better the image clarity recorded.

A premium camera at a fraction of a high street price! This motorised varifocal camera is fitted with a Sony STARVIS sensor and works well in low light environments. Not only will it provide crystal clear results in the day time but also at night. The STARVIS sensor (with enough ambient lighting) can provide full-colour images in a low light environment and yes this does include night time!

Motorised Varifocal Lens with Auto Focus
There are two types of varifocal lenses. One is manual and requires you to set the focal length and zoom when installing the camera this image is then fixed in this position unless you adjust the zoom and focus on the camera manually. This camera, however, is different as it motorised. A motorised camera is zoomed in and out from recorder or using the app on your mobile device and then the autofocus provides crystal clear images.

What is STARVIS Technology? Well simply put, Starvis technology improves dark environments. Starvis cameras show bright colourful images at very, very low light levels. Pictures that are almost impossible to make out with the naked eye and are barely visible with other cameras become much clearer when using Starvis cameras.

Smart IR Sensors
Smart IR adjusts the intensity of the cameras infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object. This ensures objects such as faces are not overexposed (white-washed) when up close.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
The wide dynamic range allows for your camera to adjust automatically to bright and dark areas to adjust for and eliminate overexposure and underexposure conditions.

DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
Digital noise reduction (DNR) reduces noise/interference from your image allowing for improved image quality to be captured. The 3D DNR is the latest technology that enables noise to be filtered even more effectively especially in low light environments.

Defog Mode
This will improve the camera's image performance in light foggy conditions. When Defog mode is enabled the camera will automatically adjust its settings to help combat the effects of the fog.

Up the Coax (UTC)
Not to be confused with POC (Power Over Coax), the up the coax feature allows for you to amend analogue cameras on-screen display through the coax cable connected. This allows you to change settings such as video brightness, contrast, white balance, etc via the XVR/DVR recorder and not while up a ladder installing your camera allowing you to select the perfect setting for your environment.

Please Note: This Feature must also be supported by your recorder. (All Encam recorders support the UTC feature) Your XVR/DVR must be set to PTZ protocol UTC-A for this feature to work with this camera.

3rd Party System Support
This camera is supported by any 5mp recorder that uses the following formats AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS.

AHD: 8M@15fps, 5M@20fps/12.5fps, 4M/2M@30fps/25fps
CVI: 8M@15fps/12.5fps, 4M/2M@30fps;
TVI: 8M@15fps/12.5fps, 5M@20fps/12.5fps, 4M/2M@30fps/25fpsVandalproof & Weatherproof

IR Dome Camera
Water Resistance: IP66
IR LED: 14 x 24PCS
IR Range: 30M
Lens: 2.7‐13.5mm Manual Zoom Lens
Power Rating: 12V/750mA

Helpful Tips:
This camera must be set to TVI (Analog Mode) to use the 4K 12.5fps setting. Please ensure your recorder is also set to TVI or Auto on the same channel.
Please ensure UTC-B is selected via your PTZ setup for this camera to be controlled from your recorder

Type Camera
Ends BNC
Color White
Camera Resolution 5MP/8MP LITE
Camera Type AHD Dome
CMOS Sony Starvis
Camera Focus Motorised Varifocal
IR Distance 30m
Compression Method H.265, H.264/H.264+

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encam Motorised Auto Focus CCTV AHD Sony Starvis 5MP/4K Lite 2.7-13.5mm 5x Optical Zoom Dome Camera White

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