How do I get internet outside?

How do I get internet outside?

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The world is an internet minefield.  If it goes down or runs slowly, we don't know how to cope, and God forbid it breaks whilst the children are home!  There are a multitude of ways to transfer internet around your house and to your garden but we find the best option to get an internet signal to an outbuilding is running a cable directly from your house. We sell a wide range of external grade networking cables in a variety of lengths.

As a rule we would always advise to try to keep networking cable away from power cables when possible as this can cause cross talk and other unwanted signal issues.

Running a pre-made cable (already has RJ45 plugs)

First you will need an external grade cable. We have a wide range of pre made cables these can connect from router in your main building and then directly into your device in the garden building. If you ned multiple connections you could always add a network switch to provide more sockets and even a WIFI range extender to provide a better wireless coverage.

There are pros and cons to everything and a big benefit of running it this way is that the cable is already terminated for you.  You are restricted by size and dimensions though and unwanted excess cable can be a negative for some.  Have a look at our pre made cables and network switches.  We also have wifi range extenders to boost the range of your existing WiFi and creates a stronger signal.


Running a bare ended network cable:

Similar to running pre made cables but the solid core cable should be terminated into a networking faceplate or using a punch down RJ45 connector. Faceplates we stock are supplied with colour coded diagrams on the rear so are easy to wire but a punch down tool is required.

Again there are advantages and disadvantages to this method.  A huge pro is that holes only need to be small, around 8mm (much smaller than pre made cables), and thw cable can be cut to your desired length.  The downside isn't so much if you know what you are doing as you will just have to terminate the cable yourself.  We recommend Outdoor Reels, FaceplatesPunch down RJ45 End and tool


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